Why You Should Listen to Your Designer

Everyone expresses their creativity differently. When you hire a designer, you are trusting in their professional ability to make your creative vision into the best possible reality. While you may have ideas about how to achieve that vision, it is important to realize that sometimes, the designer knows best! Here are the top 3 reasons you should listen to your designer.

1) They are professionals.

When you hired a designer, it was because you believed that they would be able to do a better job than you would. You did your research, and found a fully qualified person with relevant credentials.

Don’t forget why you hired them in the first place!

They have built a reputation on creating beautiful spaces, and have experience bringing things together and seeing the big picture. There is a reason that you didn’t just tackle this yourself.

2) There is more to it than you think.

Design is a complex processes. It is about more than just picking colours. A good designer will consider a vast array of elements when they produce a design: colour, space, texture, flow, accents, tone, timelessness, etc. So although you may believe that a purple accent wall will fulfill your vision, your designer may have other suggestions that will fit better with the overall design.

In order to get that “wow” factor, you have to be open-minded.

Your designer is considering a lot more than meets the eye, so while their suggestions might seem risky, rest assured that they have the grand plan in mind. Most good designers will have no problem explaining why things will or won’t work.

3) They listen to you.

Although you might feel that your designer isn’t listening to your suggestions, they are! To you, a “royal” theme might necessitate lots of purple and red velvet, but to your designer “royal” might mean luxurious textures and a custom hand-painted wall mural. So when they tell you that there won’t be any red velvet, that doesn’t mean they are ignoring your vision! Most good designers will take in their client’s feedback, and make it work with the overall design.

As tempting as it may be, try not to tell your designer how to do their job! Trust that the professional you hired, and the process itself will produce a beautiful space that exceeds your expectations.

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