Why Choose Marble?

Marble has been used for centuries to create stunning works of art. But marble isn’t just for Greek sculptures and Roman fountains: it is the perfect choice for inside the modern home. Why choose marble?

laocoon-c42-20-bce1.  It’s Aesthetic Beauty

Its association with ancient works of art and architecture lend marble a refined, timeless beauty. There is just something so classic and elegant about marble. Yet it also fits perfectly with cutting edge, modern décor: it looks just as gorgeous in a sleek New York City loft as it does in a stone farmhouse from the 1800s.

Often people are drawn to the classic white marble because it is so versatile. It easily mixes with other styles and textures, like wood or metal, and it can appear formal or casual depending on the setting.

Marble bathroom backsplashHowever, marble can be found in a staggering array of colours: dusty salmon, deep forest green, subdued blue-grey, bright goldenrod… not to mention the stunning patterning! When limestone is exposed to intense heat and pressure, it re-crystalizes – those coloured streaks and streams you see come from other minerals layered within the limestone. That means that no two marble slabs are the same: the beauty each one offers is completely unique!

I love working with marble because of that uniqueness: each tile is slightly different! Adding gorgeous gold leaf designs enhances the natural beauty of the marble itself, and provides a perfect canvas for art.

2. It’s Durability

Marble is a hard stone. Although it can be prone to staining given its porous nature, with the proper care it can easily withstand regular use. Especially on a backsplash, where it is not exposed to the daily grind, marble will last a lifetime.

Marble countertop in kitchen3. It’s Wide Appeal

There is a reason that the Taj Mahal is built from marble, that the ancient Greeks and Romans sculpted their most precious works of art from marble: marble appears to the masses. Although it is associated with elite status and luxury, marble is widely beloved by the average consumer. Using marble in your home makes it appealing, and adds value.

A backsplash is the perfect place to add marble: there is little worry about scratching the stone from sharp knives, and splatters can be easily cleaned to avoid staining. A marble backsplash can pull together the entire kitchen.

My custom marble tiles give you the best of both worlds: the wide appeal of marble, and the individualized touch of beauty that speaks to you personally.

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