Timeless Design Style

classic and timeless design style

Keeping up with changing fashion trends can be as simple as buying a statement jewelry piece, or a few new tops. Keeping up with changing interior design trends can be much more difficult - and expensive.

So while things like red appliances, or cartoon characters on children’s walls might seem like a neat idea, changing those things will likely put a sizeable dent in your pocketbook.

Most homeowners don’t expect to revamp their decor style every season, or even every year. Creating a timeless look in your home ensures that you can build upon your design over time, and always keep it looking fresh and current.

Mix it Up

mix it up timeless designDraw inspiration from multiple decades and eras; Pair an art deco inspired coffee table with a traditional Oriental rug, or a an industrial lamp with an antique end table - choose pieces that compliment each other’s lines and aesthetic, rather than compete.

Selecting pieces from a variety of style periods will ensure that your home doesn’t look like a time capsule. Carefully chosen handpainted wallcoverings are also a very good idea.

Try not to purchase your furniture in sets: eventually, that style won’t be trendy anymore, and then you’ll have to replace all of your pieces.

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials lend a home a classic feel: these materials, after all, have been used since ancient times! Real wood, granite, and marble have already stood the test of time throughout history. For example, a jewel-tone glass backsplash might pack a seriously colourful punch, but is likely to look dated in a few years. A marble backsplash, perhaps with a subtle gold-leaf design, offers a much more timeless style.

Consider Functionality

For a design to be timeless, it has to be functional: although ultra-low couches with no arm-rests might be sleek and modern, they may not be the easiest to use or most comfortable. Make sure that your pieces fit your usage patterns, and don’t require any extra effort on a day-to-day basis.timeless interiors

Functionality also includes scale and proportions: your pieces should not seem overly large or overly small for the space they are in. An overstuffed room feels claustrophobic, and one without enough in it seems cold and empty.

Change the Details

As with fashion trends, it is often enough to update one small detail to keep things fresh. For example: a menswear-inspired jacket becomes fresh when paired with a ultra-feminine blouse and kitten heels. Want to incorporate this year’s Pantone Colour? Rather than paint your walls in the latest trendy shade, use it in easily changeable accents such as pillows, throws, curtains, etc.

Creating a timeless design in your home requires forethought, and the patience to stay away from the hottest style trends. However, designing a classic interior means that your home will stay beautiful and current far longer.

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