The Feng Shui Trinity: The Bedroom

As we learned in “Part 1” of this series, applying Feng Shui principles to the 3 most major rooms of your house - the kitchen, bedroom, and living room - can help create the most harmonious living environment possible. The kitchen is where energy is created in the form of food; The bedroom is where relaxation (and a little bit of love!) happens. Your bedroom should be an oasis, a paradise, a sanctuary from the rest of the house.

As the most important piece of furniture in the room, the bed has the biggest effect on the energy flow. Here are some things to consider when placing your bed:

  • You should be able to clearly see the door when lying in bed, but not be directly across from it. If your feet are directly across from the door, this is called “coffin pose” for a good reason: it kills all the good energy!
  • The bed should not be directly under a window, or the energy will simply flow overtop of you and outside: not only will you lose the positive energy, it will make for a restless sleep.
  • Make sure your mattress is raised off of the ground - if it is on the floor, it will impede the flow of energy. Raising it up off the ground allows the chi to circulate.
  • Do not have the bed reflected in a mirror. When the soul leaves the body for its nightly travels, it may be startled by its own “reflection” in the mirror, causing negative energy.
  • Try not to have your bed positioned above the kitchen, or at least not directly above the stove. There are many fire elements in the kitchen that work against the restful energy of the bedroom.

But bedroom Feng Shui isn’t all about the bed! You can improve the energy of your bedroom in other ways, too:

  • Get rid of the electronics! Electronics not only bring in all the stress of your busy work life, they also pulse out harmful currents that could disrupt your sleep.
  • De-clutter: just like in the kitchen, clutter in the bedroom clogs up the flow of positive energy, causing it to stagnate. Neatly fold clothing, and avoid too many “knick knacks” on surfaces.
  • Soften the sharp edges of dressers and nightstands with runners.
  • Choose your art carefully: images of nature in soothing, restful colours promote relaxation. 

Using Feng Shui principles in your bedroom can make counting sheep a thing of the past.

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