Standard Care & Protective Finishes

Our wallpapers are made of traditional and stable materials that will last for decades when correctly installed and cared for. Installation must be done according to our Wallpaper Hanging Instructions. As with any work of art, dampness, excessive humidly and all extremes of temperature can damage your wallpaper, as such, we recommend you protect it from these elements. Also, over time, fading will occur if your wallpaper is exposed to direct sunlight.

Do not attempt to clean your wallpaper or allow cleaning products to come into contact with it. All wallpapers can be dusted with a feather duster or vacuumed with a soft clean vacuum brush.

Protective Finishes For Our Wallpapers:

All our wallpapers are available with an applied water-based protective layer which renders it water repellent and wet stain resistant. Where this finish has been applied, no cleaning should be necessary. However, this finish does not prevent dirt from being ground into the fibers of the fabric or protect it from other forms of damage. When wiping a treated pane, it is important to use a soft damp cloth and not rub the surface vigorously. The protective treatment will help to repel liquids but does not ensure that it will remain colorfast.

Protective finishes are available in Satin or Gloss at extra cost. Please refer to the Wall Covering Pricing.