Installation and Touch-up Services Wallcovering Hanging Instructions

Note: All our wallcoverings require expert installation. Prior to starting your installation, please ensure that the wallcoverings meets your requirements and expectations.

Actual Design & Décor declines all responsibility for problems that may arise when our installation instructions are not followed. This includes additional labor charges or other consequential loses. We cannot accept returns on any wallcaverings that has been trimmed, pasted or installed. Following these easy steps will ensure your walls are well prepared to hang your Actual Design & Décor wallpaper.

-Given the hand-made, custom nature of our products, elements of their appearance are subjective and thus each set of panels may be slightly different than those seen in the catalogue.

-Upon receipt of your wallcoverings, please inspect it, checking for any defects, damage or color variations. Also, do not start your installation if you suspect you will have insufficient materials.

-Walls must be properly prepared for wallcoverings installation. Surfaces must be dry, smooth, flat and free of any loose material. The quality of the final result is dependent upon good preparation. New plaster and very absorbent surfaces must be properly sized.

-Hanging wallcoverings on top of previous layers of wallpaper is not recommended.

-Smooth gloss painted surfaces with glass paper.

-Freshly painted surfaces should be left for at least three days before preparing them.

-Use only water based priming products.

-Use the correct adhesive containing anti-fungicidal agent, mixed to the manufacturer’s instructions.

-All walls should be lined with a plain white heavy grade paper lining paper.

-The lining paper should be hung with the same adhesive as will be used to hang the final panels (see ‘adhesive’ below).



The use of Pro Clear 6000 is highly recommended. This is a premium clear, cornstarch based wall-covering adhesive. It is formulated to hang all weights of wallcoverings and allows fabricbacked vinyl wall coverings that have been hung on bare drywall to be strippable.

Touch-Up Services

We offer referral services for expert, highly qualified installers who can travel to any location to install our wallcoverings. We work with them to ensure that all pertinent information is provided and that your installation is a success. Their fees and costs are negotiated directly with you and not through Actual Design & Décor. Occasionally projects may require a hands-on touch up after installation. Although we offer this service at an additional cost, based on the extent of work and our travel time, we are happy to assist you in finding a suitable, local artist for small touch-ups or repairs.