Backsplash Designs

A beautiful 23k gold or silver design on a marble, tile, or glass backsplash adds a personalized touch of luxury to any kitchen. The design should not only be beautiful, but have a meaning that resonates with you, that speaks to your personality. The designs I create are meant to inspire, and many have deeper meanings!

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Ottawa Fall Home Show 2016

Design shows are the perfect place to find inspiration for your home! I will be exhibiting at The Ottawa Fall Home Show 2016, so I can tell you that this an event that no home-owner (or prospective home-owner) should miss! Click below to get tickets: Pro tip: If you purchase a ticket for this show, and decide to come back the next day, get a free pass at the customer service area. When: Thursday September 29th, 2016 to Sunday October 2nd, 2016 Where: EY Centre in Ottawa, Ontario What: The show is jam-packed with events, features, exhibitors, and contests all weekend long! Exhibitors: Whether you’re interested in design, decor, architecture, renovation, construction, or landscaping - there will be booths to pique your interest. (Make sure you check out our booth to see our gold-leaf marble and hand-made wallpapers in person!) Here’s a sneak peek at my new wall covering – Four Winds: Feature Home: Tiny homes are all the rage. Get ideas on making small spaces work when you tour this minimalist 872 sq. ft. Bonneville home. The Main Stage: Presentations on the main stage include interactive renovation seminars from “Renovator of the Year” Steve Barkhouse, presentations from award-winning design expert Sarah Richardson, DIY expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault , editor-in-chief of Ottawa At Home magazine Mary Taggart, window covering expert Cathleen Van Der Westhuizen, and HGTV paint pro Andrew Downward. Upcycle Challenge and Auction: Watch as 10 of Ottawa’s biggest style influencers re-purpose a pre-loved home decor piece, inspired by a favourite item in their closet. All the pieces will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to support Habitat... read more

How to Rent Out Your Cottage

If done properly, renting out your cottage can offer serious financial benefit. But it isn’t as easy as slapping an ad on Kijiji – repeat renters and glowing testimonials will form the backbone of your success. So how do you make sure every renter wants to come back?

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Why You Should Listen to Your Designer

While you may have ideas about how to achieve that vision, it is important to realize that sometimes, the designer knows best! Here are the top 3 reasons you should listen to your designer.

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Timeless Design Style

Creating a timeless look in your home ensures that you can build upon your design over time, and always keep it looking fresh and current.

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Home Reno Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you are updating your house to sell, or simply for your own pleasure, avoid these common renovation mistakes to get the most out of your home.

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Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is often controversial: is it “real” art? Is it worth the frequently astronomical prices?

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Design Shows

Design shows are a crucial opportunity for artists to promote and showcase their work, and to be inspired by other artists.

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Decorative Wall Finishes

Wall’s don’t have to be covered in flat, boring paint. Consider using one of these decorative wall finishes to add texture and interest.

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Why Choose Marble?

Marble has been used for centuries to create stunning works of art. But marble isn’t just for Greek sculptures and Roman fountains: it is the perfect choice for inside the modern home.

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The Benefits of Wallcoverings

Most people wouldn’t debate the aesthetic beauty of wallcoverings, but might be surprised to learn of all the modern (and practical) benefits to choosing wallcoverings.

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Still Life

A random act of fate brought me into contact with one of the best still life artists of the modern day.

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Wall Covering Pricing

Wall Covering Pricing   Pricing reflects high quality, hand crafted wall covering as well as the size and complexity of your request. Custom single paintings or murals on canvas or walls are also available. We are happy to accommodate client design changes no matter how extensive or to produce custom designs (see “Ordering Procedure”). Wallpaper prices vary with design and priced per panel, with a one-panel minimum. Designer discounts are available. Please call 1(613) 698-6993 or e-mail for more information. Samples Wallpaper samples can be purchased or loaned for a fee. Please call or email for more information. Ordering 1. Choose a Design Our designs are primarily created for one accent wall. However, we can create wallpaper to enhance any space you would like to stand out. We are also able to create and produce *custom* designs. 2. Choose a Design Height Designs are available in any pattern height between 8ft (244 cm) and 9ft (274 cm). Heights outside of this range are considered *custom* orders and are subject to an additional charge. Unless otherwise specified the panels are made 0.5ft (15 cm) longer to allow trimming. 3. Calculate the quantity required Prior to placing an order, accurate elevations and floor plans must be provided. Once received, we will calculate the total panel requirement. 4. Requirement for additional durability We offer the choice of additional protective glaze with either a Gloss or Satin finish for our wallpaper designs. (see ‘Protective finishes’) 5. Quote and order placement Once you have decided on a design, we will supply a quote, and request a 50% deposit on the order. The next... read more

Installation and Touch-up Services Wallcovering Hanging Instructions

Note: All our wallcoverings require expert installation. Prior to starting your installation, please ensure that the wallcoverings meets your requirements and expectations. Actual Design & Décor declines all responsibility for problems that may arise when our installation instructions are not followed. This includes additional labor charges or other consequential loses. We cannot accept returns on any wallcaverings that has been trimmed, pasted or installed. Following these easy steps will ensure your walls are well prepared to hang your Actual Design & Décor wallpaper. -Given the hand-made, custom nature of our products, elements of their appearance are subjective and thus each set of panels may be slightly different than those seen in the catalogue. -Upon receipt of your wallcoverings, please inspect it, checking for any defects, damage or color variations. Also, do not start your installation if you suspect you will have insufficient materials. -Walls must be properly prepared for wallcoverings installation. Surfaces must be dry, smooth, flat and free of any loose material. The quality of the final result is dependent upon good preparation. New plaster and very absorbent surfaces must be properly sized. -Hanging wallcoverings on top of previous layers of wallpaper is not recommended. -Smooth gloss painted surfaces with glass paper. -Freshly painted surfaces should be left for at least three days before preparing them. -Use only water based priming products. -Use the correct adhesive containing anti-fungicidal agent, mixed to the manufacturer’s instructions. -All walls should be lined with a plain white heavy grade paper lining paper. -The lining paper should be hung with the same adhesive as will be used to hang the final panels (see... read more

Standard Care & Protective Finishes

Our wallpapers are made of traditional and stable materials that will last for decades when correctly installed and cared for. Installation must be done according to our Wallpaper Hanging Instructions. As with any work of art, dampness, excessive humidly and all extremes of temperature can damage your wallpaper, as such, we recommend you protect it from these elements. Also, over time, fading will occur if your wallpaper is exposed to direct sunlight. Do not attempt to clean your wallpaper or allow cleaning products to come into contact with it. All wallpapers can be dusted with a feather duster or vacuumed with a soft clean vacuum brush. Protective Finishes For Our Wallpapers: All our wallpapers are available with an applied water-based protective layer which renders it water repellent and wet stain resistant. Where this finish has been applied, no cleaning should be necessary. However, this finish does not prevent dirt from being ground into the fibers of the fabric or protect it from other forms of damage. When wiping a treated pane, it is important to use a soft damp cloth and not rub the surface vigorously. The protective treatment will help to repel liquids but does not ensure that it will remain colorfast. Protective finishes are available in Satin or Gloss at extra cost. Please refer to the Wall Covering... read more

Marble Backsplash Installation Guide

Note: All our custom backsplash designs on marble require expert installation. Prior to starting your installation, please ensure that the tiles meet your requirements and expectations. Actual Design & Décor declines all responsibility for problems that may arise when our installation instructions are not followed. This includes additional labor charges or other consequential losses. We cannot accept returns on any tiles that have been broken or installed. Following these easy steps will ensure proper installation of your custom backsplash design. Backsplash Marble Design will Arrive Unassembled Tile murals will be shipped unassembled with individual tiles stacked on top of each other. Each tile will have a number on the back of it (Ex: 1, 2, 3, etc.). We will include an easy to follow installation guide that will explain in what order the tiles should be installed. STEP 1: Using an orbital sander, go over all the areas where tile will be applied to smooth out any high spots and create a more tactile surface for applying mortar. Clean up any residual dust with a vacuum cleaner or tack cloth. Use a spirit level to draw straight lines delineating areas, where your marble backsplash will go. STEP 2: Mix Tile Adhesive following manufacturer’s instructions, combine water and mortar mix in a deep bucket. Fit mixer bar into electric drill and thoroughly mix until the mortar is lump-free and the consistency of peanut butter. Begin spreading mortar and applying marble tiles. Keep it leveled. As you go, use the spirit level to ensure a straight line. This is especially important in any areas that aren’t resting on the countertop, like... read more

About Actual Design & Décor

Philosophy: Welcome to Actual Design & Décor based in Ottawa, Canada. Our mission is to work with you to transform your living space into a luxurious refuge that erases the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s a luxurious custom wall covering designed to enhance an accent wall,  gold leafing or a custom wall mural or kitchen backsplash on marble,  you will love walking into any room we have put our creative touch on. Each piece we create is a one of a kind, hand painted or hand made treasure in which the artist leaves a little bit of their soul, thus distinguishing it from machine made replicas   ​About the Founder​: Actual Design & Décor was created by Tatiana Mandel in 2012. Ms. Mandel has 20 years of experience in innovative design and has a reputation for remarkable craftsmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction. Ms. Mandel’s background is in oil painting, custom murals and graphic design, all of which have been her working passion for twenty years. She is a member of  Interior Designers of Canada (IDC).  Ms. Mandel’s work has been published in Ottawa at Home magazine and Applied Arts. Her love of unique, personalized home design has inspired her to create Actual Design & Décor, an Ottawa-based company. Ms. Mandel is also the co-founder of Professional Decorative Art Classes in the South of France, All of our creations represent a unique piece of custom, hand-painted art work.  Our artisans are highly skilled painters who excel in their focus on attention to detail and quality.  They proudly imprint a piece of their soul into each work of art. Our inspiration comes our worldwide travels and what we discover; be... read more

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