How to Declutter and Reorganize Your House When the Kids Grow Up

Clutter can build up without us even noticing, and take away from the beauty of our homes. If you have children, clutter can build up even faster! But decluttering and re-organizing your home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.

how to declutter your house from kids mess


About twice per year, take stock of everything in your house and closets.

Do you have clothes and shoes that no longer fit you or your children? Have your children outgrown toys and games? Do you still have unopened gifts, unused decor sitting in packaging, or knick-knacks taking up valuable storage space?

Get rid of them!

Assess your possessions carefully: do you really need it? Have you used it in the last 6 months? Some items with sentimental value should be kept, but not every trophy, drawing, or toy needs to be saved.

If clothing is still in good condition, package it up to take to a consignment store or the Salvation Army Thrift Stores. Furniture can be photographed posted on sale pages like Kijiji or Craigslist. Invest the money you earn from the sale of your clutter into timeless decor pieces for your home that won’t need to be thrown out in a few years.

declutter your home to afford wall artAfter you rid yourself of clutter, you may discover that you do not need more cabinet space after all, and can instead use that money to purchase beautiful wall art, a Persian rug, or a family holiday!

Make sure that once you have decided where something should go, you take it there! Having bags and boxes “ready to go” to donation bins, consignment stores, friends houses, or the trash is just another form of clutter. Deliver the items the same day you package them up.



As children grow up, the dynamics of the family change. This might mean that the flow of your house needs to change as well.

declutter your home to create a beautiful entertaining spaceFor example, when children are small, parents need immediate sight-lines so the kids don’t get into any trouble. This might mean that the family room is directly within view of the kitchen. But as kids grow up, those sight-lines are no longer necessary, and having the family room further away might be beneficial. What was the kid-friendly family room could become a beautiful dining and entertaining space.


Every few years, re-evaluate the flow and structure of your spaces, and change the function and decor of a room as necessary.

De-cluttering and reorganizing your space on a regular basis will help keep your home fresh and beautiful.

decluttered home

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