The Feng Shui Trinity: The Living Room

In “Part 1” of this series, we learned that Feng Shui principles were important in the kitchen because it is the center of energy creation in the house through food. In “Part 2” of this series, we learned some tricks to apply Feng Shui principles to the bedroom to make it the most restful environment possible. The last room of the Feng Shui “trinity” is the living room, the place where family and friends gather. Applying feng shui principles to the living room will help make it conducive to gatherings filled with love.

feng shui living room

Furniture Arrangement

  • Furniture should not impede easy movement through the room: if people have a hard time getting around the furniture, so will the chi!
  • Make sure your couch is placed with its back to a wall: a “floating” arrangement, where the couches and chairs are in the center of the room, is not ideal.
  • Avoid perfect L-shaped arrangements, since they create “poison arrows”. If you must use an L-shaped sectional, place a live plant at the end of the arrow caused by the furniture to cancel out the negative effect.
  • Couches should not be placed underneath a beam: this implies that the family is entirely dependant on one breadwinner, and will cause stress in the breadwinner’s life.
  • Don’t make the TV the center of the room! Hiding it away in a shelving unit is ideal.

feng shui living room


The living room is the perfect location to utilize the elements of the “compass”. Decorating each section of your living room with pieces that match the element associated with that spot on the compass generates lots of positive energy.


The northern element is water. If you have one, place your aquarium in the northern area. Paintings of water scenes placed here generate positive energy: but make sure they are serene! No stormy skies or raging seas - think calm, meandering rivers and waterfalls. If there is a boat in the artwork, ensure it is sailing towards you, not away from you. Boats represent opportunity, and you don’t want your opportunities sailing away!


The southern element is fire. A fireplace would do well in the southern area, but candles work just as well. Decor items that feature red, orange, and pink enhance the fire aspect.


The eastern element is wood. Wooden picture frames, wood fibre rugs, and potted plants feed this element,


The western element is metal. Metal bowls, trays, candle holders, or other decor items should be placed in this section of the living room. Pillows or figurines in gold and bronze colours evoke the essence of metal.


feng shui living room custom wallpaperPlacing a custom wall mural in the appropriate colours and scenery in one of the corners would help enhance that area of the compass: for example, a mural of lemon trees and hibiscus in the east corner, like my mural to the left.


However you choose to apply the principles of Feng Shui, using them in the trinity of your home - the kitchen, bedroom, and living room - can help create a warm, harmonious, and inviting atmosphere throughout your entire house.

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