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is contemporary art worth it

Art is subjective. What one person is drawn to and covets another is repulsed by; Art can be a truly individual experience. The process of creating art is an individual experience as well: each artist produces their creations differently. But regardless of their style, all artists learn in some form - formally at school or in their own kitchen - and then draw from what they’ve learned.

With time, life experience, and hard work, a personal style emerges that differs in a critical way from the styles they’ve learned from.

It is in part that effort, that arduous and individualized creative process, that fracturing from established style in a meaningful way that makes art so valuable.

That’s why contemporary art is often so controversial. In recent years, the prices of contemporary art pieces have skyrocketed, and left many wondering: is it worth it? Is contemporary art “real” art? Should it really command price tags in the hundreds of millions?

contemporary artSometimes, those questions can be answered easily: if an artist “mass produces” their work, completing a high volume of pieces in a short amount of time, we should be skeptical. That lack of respect for the creative process suggests that the artist has their eye on the potential price tag instead of on the beauty they give the world with their art.

Sometimes, answering those questions can be difficult. Whether or not the art is “real” depends a lot on your perspective. Some people are drawn to pieces that others scoff at: those pieces may be real to those who love them. But when we discuss whether a piece is “real” or not in terms of dollars - the answer is even murkier. Galleries and art dealers may place tremendous value on art created by certain names, or on select pieces. 

If you purchase contemporary art with the expectation that its value will increase over time, you are likely to be disappointed.splatter contemporary art

Rather than debate the monetary value of contemporary art, ask yourself: do I love it? Am I drawn to it in an inexplicable way?

If the answer is yes, purchase the piece. If you must rely on an art dealer or gallery to tell you that the piece is “real” and “valuable”, then perhaps it isn’t the right piece for you.

Do you love contemporary art, or do you think it’s a fraud?

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