4 Tips for Decorating with Animal Print

Take your home décor to a whole new level by incorporating animal print! In moderation, animal print adds a touch of flair and class to any room; whether it is leopard, cheetah, tiger, or zebra. Although the patterns may seem bold, animal print is actually a very classic neutral that works with any décor and never goes out of style. So while wallpapering an entire room in tiger stripes may be overwhelming, a chic tiger-stripe pillow adds an instant element of interest.

Here are some tips for decorating with animal print.

1. Don’t be afraid to mix up the animal prints!

There is no rule that you have to stick to one type of animal print – using multiple species is fun! Choose patterns and colours that complement each other to tie your accents together: for example, a bold zebra print pillow works well beside a soft grey leopard-print curtain.
You can also mix up the scale of the prints: a large-scale giraffe print wall hanging works well with a detailed cheetah-print throw, for example. Sticking to different scales makes sure your room doesn’t appear too busy.

2. Go monochrome.

monochrome animal print decoratingIf you are worried about your décor becoming too overwhelming, choose animal-print accents that stick within your colour scheme. Zebra print is an obvious choice for black-and-white enthusiasts. Giraffe and big cat prints work exceedingly well in warm, neutral colour schemes.

3. Make it animal print art.

decorating with animal print by using it as artAnimal print isn’t just for throw pillows and rugs. Try adding an animal-print wallpaper accent to one wall to add a timeless, luxe focal point to the room. Pair the print with solids in the rest of the decor to really make it pop.

4. Keep it classic.

tiger chair decorating with animal printAdd animal print to classic furniture shapes, traditional rugs, and elegant lighting. The print offers an interesting juxtaposition to the traditional feel of these types of pieces, making a statement that is timeless rather than trendy. For example, a classic wingback in a subtle leopard print gets you the best of both worlds.




When done right, animal print is truly a timeless décor option. Adding a bit of the “wild” side is a fantastic way to update your interiors.

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