All of our creations are a unique piece of custom, hand-painted art work.

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We will help you to create a very special piece that not only reflects the simple beauty of your family space, but also provides the elegance that truly elevates it to a place for all to enjoy and admire.


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Book an appointment for FREE local in-home design consultation or come visit our studio. Our collection features many design ideas and fabulous choices to suit every lifestyle and budget.

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Welcome to Actual Design & Décor based in Ottawa, Canada. Our mission is to work with you to transform your living space into a luxurious refuge that erases the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s a luxurious custom wall covering designed to enhance an accent wall, gold leafing or a custom wall mural or kitchen backsplash on marble , you will love walking into any room we have put our creative touch on.

Each piece we create is a one of a kind, hand painted or handmade treasure in which the artist leaves a little bit of their soul, thus distinguishing it from machine made replicas.

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Actual Design & Décor was created by Tatiana Mandel in 2012. Ms. Mandel has 20 years of experience in innovative design and has a reputation for remarkable craftsmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Ms. Mandel’s background is in oil painting, custom murals and graphic design, all of which have been her working passion for twenty years. She is a member of Interior Designers of Canada (IDC). Ms. Mandel’s work has been published in Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa at Home magazine and many more other publications. Her love of unique, personalized home design has inspired her to create Actual Design & Décor, an Ottawa-based company.

Ms. Mandel is also the co-founder of Professional Decorative Art Classes in the South of France.

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“As an interior designer, Tatiana Mandel is a special resource for me. She is able to create wallcoverings and murals that I can uniquely specify for each of my clients. Tatiana welcomes the individuality of the process and is able to adapt to any style that fits my clients’ decor. She has an expert handle on perspective drawing and color. Although I am in California, Tatiana and I have no problem in communicating or bringing our project to fruition. She is a delight to work with and I highly recommend her.”


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